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Will I be charged tax on my order?

Order Taxes

Orders placed on this site are charged standard provincial taxes that are collected at checkout. There will be no additional charges at the time of delivery for these orders.

The amount of tax charged is based on current tax rates. Tax rates are subject to change at any time. Gift Card purchases are not taxable, however, items paid for with Gift Cards will be taxed. Taxes are refunded for returned items.

Tax Exemption

If you are eligible for tax exemption, we ask that you place your order first and contact us to have your taxes refunded.

  • At this time ONLY First Nations peoples ID Cards are eligible for tax exemption.

To receive a refund for taxes charged, please follow the instructions below:

  • Place your order online
  • Please click here to complete the Tax Exempt form. This will ensure your tax information is securely submitted.
  • Be sure to attach your completed Tax Exempt documentation before submitting
  • To ensure we are able to view your attachment, please do not send over files larger than 25MB

Once received, we will verify the documentation and issue a refund for the amount of taxes charged on the order.